Juan Romera and Paul Allor announce Pink Midnight Presents...

Juan Romera and I are very proud to announce Pink Midnight Presents…, a creator-owned series of stand-alone tales.

Each 24-page black-and-white issue will feature an original creator-owned story, featuring healthy doses of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, slipstream, magical realism and weird fiction. Every story will be a wild, passionate ride, fueled by speculation but deeply grounded in human emotion.

Pink Midnight Presents… is a digital-only series, with the first issue funded by a Kickstarter campaign launching early next year. Future issues will follow every two to three months, with plans for an eventual print collection.

Juan and I previously collaborated on the Monkeybrain Comics/IDW Publishing series Strange Nation, and I am thrilled to be working with him again. Juan’s art is at turns emotional and bittersweet, gorgeous and engaging, playful and fun. He has recently posted a series of Inktober sketches, which capture much of the same spirit, imagination and verve we hope to display in Pink Midnight Presents...:

For more information on Pink Midnight Presents… follow Juan and I on Twitter at @juanromera and @paulallor. You can also like, which we’ll be updating regularly as we move forward.

Nova Infinite Father's Day Story - Available Now

My Father's Day story for Marvel Comics is available now on Comixology for only $1.99! Presented in the Infinite Comics format, it's a high-energy adventure story set in the Arizona Desert, and featuring Nova and Iron Man. Here's the solicitation:

Sam Alexander's finding it hard to cope with the fact that his dad is M.I.A. in the far reaches of space. Luckily, this Father's Day, Nova's got the chance to help former New Warrior Midnight's Fire put his family back together. But when Iron Man shows up to inform his young teammate he's backing the wrong horse, will Nova cool his jets?

The story is written by me, with art by Diego Olortegui over layouts by Geoffo; colors by Rachelle Rosenberg; a cover by Jamal Campbell; letters by VC's Travis Lanham; and edits by Charles Beacham. It's a fun story, and I think you'll dig it.